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Benefits of bluefin tuna

For centuries, bluefin tuna has been a prominent food in the Mediterranean diet thanks to its many beneficial properties for our health.

The presence of omega3 fatty acids in its composition is noteworthy. Rich in minerals such as selenium, phosphorus and magnesium, bluefin provides a diverse range of vitamins: (A, B, B3, B9, B12 and D) and is an excellent source of proteins of high biological value.

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We should take note that the selenium content in bluefin tuna is higher compared to other foods. Numerous scientific studies show that selenium is highly beneficial for our health, since it is a microelement involved in antioxidant processes and neutralizes the harmful effect of mercury, which contrary to popular belief, in bluefin tuna is far below the legally permitted amounts.

Bluefin tuna exceeds the average protein content of most fish and many meats, something that makes it an optimal food for children and people who perform physical activity