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Balfegó, the only wild bluefin tuna company maintained with environmental sustainability certification See certificate


Tunateca is a gastronomic space that is part of Grup Balfegó. Our mission is to study, capture, fatten, and bring bluefin tuna to market. We do this always following a sustainable business responsibility system that permanently satisfies the expectations of its customers, whilst at the same time guaranteeing the continuity of the species for future generations.


To be the international gourmet benchmark for bluefin tuna.


We regard values as being the cornerstone of every enterprise. Combined with the search for excellence, our values are what enable us to consistently achieve what we set out to do, constantly pushing the boundaries, challenging conventional wisdom and increasing our knowledge. For any enterprise, it’s of fundamental important to come up with core values we can commit to. The values that Balfegó commit to are: Being dedicated to our customers and society in general, meeting their expectations without lessening sustainably or harming the environment. Going beyond strict compliance with laws, demonstrating that a different type of company responsibility is possible. Taking transparency to where it has never been before, by making public the information that consumers and society expect. Striving for efficiency, to minimise our use of resources and maximise profitability. This relentless pursuit of excellence is part of our daily Balfegó routine.

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