The restaurant in Barcelona for sushi and bluefin tuna lovers - TunaTeca Balfegó
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Balfegó, the only wild bluefin tuna company maintained with environmental sustainability certification See certificate

Tunateca Balfegó Gastronomic Space

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A brand new concept

Tunateca Balfegó is the world's first gastronomic space dedicated to bluefin tuna, both in its menu and in its interior design.
This restaurant, where Japanese and Western cuisines coexist, transcends gastronomy, establishing itself as a centre for experimentation and learning with events such as Kaitai, an ancient Japanese art that consists of achieving the precise cut of a 100 kg specimen.
In addition, its interior design - has received different awards.- It will allow you to experience a 360º multi-sensory experience.

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The menu

We suggest a gastronomic trip to all parts of bluefin tuna, from two very different perspectives:

Western Perspective

We will travel through some of the most unknown parts of tuna such as the top of the head, the collar, the lower neck, the harmonica, the back cheek, the skin, the marrow, the secret, the cheek, the ossobuco and the sirloin; in addition to trying the tenderloin and the belly from a more western perspective.

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Japanese Perspective

You will taste the tuna in the purest and most authentic way. Sashimi, nigiri, maki, uramaki, chumaki, futomaki, oshizushi, among many other preparations.

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Tasting Menus

This gastronomic immersion can be done through our tasting menu. A multi-sensory experience, unique in the world.

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The Restaurant

Located in the heart of Eixample, Tunateca is Balfegó's flagship, the world leader in fishing, study and marketing of authentic bluefin tuna.
The space, created by a prestigious firm of Barcelona architects, has received numerous awards.


Upon entering, you will dive into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, where the Balfegó family has always done their fishing. A large translucent 5-metre high curtain makes it a wavy, organic and deep space. And from the sushi bar you can watch and interact with the sushimen while working on the tuna following the purest Japanese tradition.


On the first floor we find two private rooms, Thunnus and Thynnus, --the scientific name given to the bluefin tuna--, which have been designed and equipped to organise meetings, events or private celebrations. Their design makes them warm, cosy and soundproofed spaces.

Intense red and black scales are the highlight of the second hall. These two elements represent bluefin tuna in its greatest splendour, which is why we perform the Kaitai ceremony in this room.


The Kaitai

Tuna Exploded Ceremony

If you want to experience one of the most exclusive events in the world, come to live the Kaitai experience, an ancient Japanese art that consists of achieving the precise cut of a 100 kg Balfegó’s bluefin tuna specimen.
A presenter will detail the characteristics of each of the pieces and the curiosities of the species, while tasting surprising parts. A sensory journey through the different parts of bluefin tuna together with its tasting menu.

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