Referents of sustainability

The Balfegó family are probably the only fishermen who have invested millions of Euros in R&D. Because of this, they have been able to develop a compound capture and harvesting process (based on Ikejime, a Japanese method of harvesting fish to maintain the quality of its meat) which not only implies that the tuna do not suffer, but also that the meat is of optimum quality.


Objective of maximum transparency

From the sea to the table. Balfegó has developed a system of traceability unique in the world in which the customer, using a mobile phone and a QR code that is provided with each piece, can access all the information about the bluefin tuna that they are savouring. With this pioneering system, they can find out the date and area of capture, the weight, the length and the level of fat, and consult the health and quality certificates. All of this guarantees quality and transparency.

La carta

The space

Tunateca is Balfegó's flagship, the only company dedicated exclusively to bluefin tuna. The space, which reflects the bluefin tuna colours, textures and habitat, was created by a prestigious Barcelona interior designer.

Comprising more than 300m2, the Tunateca is divided into three ambiences. The Diagonal
room represents the sea, and has a bar-style open kitchen for show cooking. The Muntaner
Room dispalys the inner world of bluefin tuna. Finally, there are two private rooms to be found
on the second floor, and which can be reserved according to our clients’ needs.


Mar 14 2019 20:00

Cata + Cena maridada

Te presentamos una cata de los mejores champagnes de Moët & Chandon. Saborea cada matiz mientras degustas la excelencia del atún rojo Balfegó mediante singulares recetas; una mezcla burbujeante que...

Mar 28 2019 19:30

Experiencia Kaitai completa

Es el arte milenario japonés que consiste en el preciso corte de un ejemplar de atún rojo Balfegó de más de 100kg. El presentador detalla sus características mientras se degustan...

May 23 2019 21:00

Noche de Estrellas Michelin

La estrella Michelin de marzo llega directo desde el Restaurante Lasarte, en Guipúzcoa. Ven y deleita tu paladar con el exclusivo menú Michelin creado a cuatro manos por Martín Berasategui...