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El Kaitai

This is the ancient Japanese art that consists of achieving the precise cut of a 100 kg Balfegó’s bluefin tuna specimen. The presenter details its characteristics while tasting two of the most surprising parts of bluefin tuna: marrow and spine meat. A sensory journey through the different parts of tuna together with its tasting menu.
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They have already tried the Kaitai experience

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"We had never seen anything like it. It was a 185 kg tuna!!! It sounds awesome, but you have to see it to believe it."

M. Martínez

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For Lovers of Japanese Culture

"I love Japanese culture and I have finally been able to attend a ceremony like this without having to go to Japan to see it! We tried the spine meat and tuna marrow for the first time and they left us speechless."

A. Ruíz

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The Most Amazing Gift

"My partner got this experience for me for my birthday, and it was a success. I found everything they told us about bluefin tuna very interesting and at the end of the event there is a dinner to take your hat off to!! A super complete experience!"

G. Climent